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Great workshops in Tübingen

Once more I had a great visit this weekend to Tübingen and Annabell’s dancing school “Salsabel“. Both Workshops, Friday evening and through Saturday were full of enthusiastic people, excited to learn ChaCha, Bachata and Salsa. I am already looking forward to the next Workshops on the 9th of March and […]

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“Schrödinger’s Dance” or “The most important question”

“Do you want to dance?” A very simple question with two very important sides. The first side is the person who asks, who has made up his or her mind, maybe in a couple of seconds, maybe in a couple of months, to get up, walk over and ask somebody […]

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TED: Dancers vs. Powerpoint®

Yesterday I discovered a truly amazing video. In this TED Talk John Bohannon describes, how dancers can empower your presentation beyond anything that PowerPoint can ever do. Discover a new way to put your personal thoughts and ideas on your business into spotlight.  

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Teaching Tips: Magic Whiteboards

Have you even heard of magic whiteboards? Probably yes, if you have watched “Dragon’s Den” before. It is an electrostatic foil which can be attached to most smooth surfaces e.g. windows or mirrors and be written and erased on like a whiteboard. I use them in lessons to write down […]

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This Monday’s Salsa lesson at SalsaTUde in Darmstadt was a perfect example of how a teacher can find inspiration in his own training. Due to Christmas we had very few students and ran an emergency program (usually it’s like 200 dancers every Monday). We started with a little footwork and […]

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Social Experiment with Ingrid and Daniel

Here is that happens when two guys are too excited at an afternoon social. Btw: only a few more weeks until Ljubljana!

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