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<p>Im Juli begrüßen wir bei “So you think you can West Cost” bereits zum zweiten Mal Mejrem Halidovic. Als Master Instructor West Coast Swing von Global PDIA by Michael Kiehm und der West Coast Swing Akademie Düsseldorf, bekannt als Trainerin auf zahlreichen Festivals im In- und Ausland wirdsie bei uns […]</p>

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I am dancing Salsa since October 2010. Although there have been some experiences in it before, I consider this the “real” start of myself catching the passion for Salsa. Having learned at several schools and countless workshops I finally found my personal essence of this dance: Its freedom and flexibility […]

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So you think you can West Coast

I started dancing West Coast Swing in 2013 at the Euro Dance Festival in Freiburg. Previous to that I had seen a show on Youtube which till today remains the most beautiful choreographie I have ever seen (see for yourself beneath). It truly touched me and therefore woke my passion […]

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