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I am dancing Salsa since October 2010. Although there have been some experiences in it before, I consider this the “real” start of myself catching the passion for Salsa. Having learned at several schools and countless workshops I finally found my personal essence of this dance: Its freedom and flexibility […]

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So you think you can West Coast

I started dancing West Coast Swing in 2013 at the Euro Dance Festival in Freiburg. Previous to that I had seen a show on Youtube which till today remains the most beautiful choreographie I have ever seen. It truly touched me and therefore woke my passion for this amazing dance. […]

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The Teacher

I have been dancing since I was fourteen years old and tried about a dozen different styles during that period. My favourites are Salsa and West Coast Swing, because they give me a lot of space to implement creativity and musicality and to develope my very own style, always in […]